Edinburgh, A View Of Ann Street

Every morning, as a child, on those special visits to granny’s flat in Edinburgh, my father and I trudged down the long hill to Stockbridge where a newsagent had a plastic covered tray of fluffy Scottish breakfast rolls. On the way back we often turned through Ann Street. It has always been the prettiest of streets, the preserve of the lettered, of judges perhaps. It is so pretty it is rumoured to be behind the design on a chocolate box. The air is redolent of honeysuckle, of roses and lilac.
This work is expressive and yet contains detail and realism too. A wonderful souvenir of Edinburgh, a great addition to a collection.

Texture has been added to create extra depth. The canvas is 0.5 inches deep and can therefore hang without a frame if wished.


Remember, it’s always 33% cheaper to buy directly from me. Here’s my email address: golan22may@googlemail.com

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