About Spicy Green Ginger

100_3906Spicy Green Ginger is basically about East Yorkshire and me. It is a collection of short stories, 26 in fact, and only a couple of them have been reproduced as blogs, leaving 24 more for you to enjoy if you decide to purchase the book or borrow it from Beverley library. The stories I blog here are new stories. I love writing, and I love writing about my hometown Beverley and its big sister, Hull. I love photographing my county, describing it and painting it. I am a new writer, and an independent writer. So if you can, a book purchase via Amazon or any other online retailer is very much appreciated. A review and a share are also desperately needed to get the book off the ground. Thank you so much!

11 comments on “About Spicy Green Ginger

  1. Andrew, I understand the persistent pang of missing your roots. And I think I’m becoming a fan because I just checked out your book “Toto, I Don’t Think We Are in Golders Green Anymore”. Can’t wait to purchase your book on Amazon. So glad I found you here. Wishing you every possible success. Michele

  2. Ah that’s great. Yes, it is painful to lose one’s roots. Sometimes people are surprised when I regret that my family moved to Luxembourg in the 1970s and left Yorkshire. They imagine it would a great experience but like a plant people do need those roots. I am going to enjoy looking at some more of your great pictures now!

  3. andrew, even the titles of your blogs are wonderful, i look forward to reading more of your words, and thanks for reading and following mine ) beth

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