The Photography of Andrew Reid Wildman

I love photography, and I never go anywhere without my camera. I see photos wherever I go, and think, I need to snap that! I love buildings, their curves and corners, their history. I imagine the stories that have unfolded there. I also love decay, finding it both evocative and nostalgic. It is sad, but it is life, and it is human and it reflects my feelings about life and love. I identify with the abandoned and the dating, the empty and the unloved. I love recording my special places because place is so powerful. London, Oxford, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Hull and East Yorkshire….

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6 comments on “The Photography of Andrew Reid Wildman

  1. I love your buildings – photos and paintings. You capture their stories or a distilling of their past and I that fascinates me. Thanks for following Daytripper Sippers. I’ll be following here but not sure which of your blogs to follow… Cheers, CC

  2. I know what you mean when you write “you see photos wherever you go. I am constantly muttering “that would make a great shot” as I go about my everyday activities 🙂

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