Remoaning? Looks Who Talking. Brexiteering Chutzpah!

Right, rant time. People have a nerve ever calling me a Remoaner. If anyone is moaning it is the hypocritical, whining and inflated tools who think the EU owes them a deal. Listen, my friends, wind your necks in and lose the sense of chippy entitlement because no-one forced you to leave the EU. And unfortunately you have had all your own way till now. So stop moaning. You’re leaving. And that means you do not get to dictate terms, you do not get to access to the market and you do not get to act outraged when the remaining members put their interests first. The EU is siding with Spain over Gibraltar and with Ireland? What did you expect? Those two countries are remaining members. The EU is not making the UK’s needs a priority? Who gives a shit, that was your choice, now grow up and live with it. Leaving the EU means leaving behind the privilege of tariff-free access to a market of hundreds of millions of people. What Brexit Britain and its Nasty Party and its ghastly, crowing, bullying press seem to want is the right to be in the club without paying the economic, and social price, which is a membership fee, a level playing field of 4 areas including labour, and the adoption of a minimum level of quality and standards. And that these standards be overseen by a commonly agreed system of law. The EU has offered in so many words to let the UK continue those rights, and to have the freedom to opt out of a common tariff allowing independent trade deals, as does Norway. It has made clear that the UK does not need to leave if things change. In exchange the UK government has strutted and whinged and denigrated. It has threatened and manipulated and sought to divide. It has left a trail of economic and political damage from Fermanagh to Famagusta. It paid scarcely a thought for the fragile balance of the lives of those in Gibraltar or Northern Ireland, nor to the horrific impact of millions of EU citizens who came here to build the UK’s economy and make this land their home with hard work and loyalty. It was blind and callous to the hundreds of thousands of UK citizens who built the country and wanted nothing but to retire in the sun. Inflated and arrogant, Theresa May presumes to act the part of victim, twisting a refusal to bend the rules into an act of betrayal. Europe’s position is clear; if you want to leave, leave. Become a third country like any other and be treated as such. Or meet the EU half-way and join EFTA. Or don’t leave. Them’s your choices. So quit the whining cos no-one’s listening anymore.


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