Day Trip to the Front Line, Sderot

It was a strange day trip. But I had to go. I had to see Sderot. Sderot is a small Israeli town on the border with Gaza, and it holds the dubious record as Israel’s most bombed population centre. It has become a very unsettling place to live, with residents suffering huge amounts of stress, especially children. And there is some justified resentment locally that they are ignored by those in the ‘bubble,’ the safety of Central Israel. So I really did have to go, show my face, have a look round. I took a train from Tel Aviv and arrived an hour later. I got soaked in an almighty rain storm. Then the sun came out and I walked around. It was pretty much like any other Israeli town, with blocks of 1960s low cost housing, lines of washing, houses with red roofs and orange trees in the gardens. And shelters. So many shelters, with one arching over the roof of a school. Stray, thin feral cats eyed me cautiously. There was not that much to do so I got on a shared taxi headed for Ashkelon, up the coast. You can buy the original painting from the link below.


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