The End of the Union….

It is important that such a calamitous mistake as hard Brexit is properly marked so that no-one later claims they were not warned of its consequences, intended or unintended. It is proper that dissent is expressed even if hopeless now, or unheeded, even if none wishes to listen, for the situation is going to deteriorate fairly rapidly and fairly soon. I am certain that the UK as you know it is going to end. It will not withstand the coming shock. It may be that it limps along, trailing 45-50% of unwilling Scots in its wake, perhaps even for another decade. Who knows. Or it may unravel as suddenly as Communism once fell. But there is nothing left that can stop the toxic, simmering resentment now. I also envision Northern Ireland unravelling, probably in a similar timescale. As for England and Wales, I suspect this folly will cost them dearly. Its social fabric will be increasingly crushed under the weight of a very right wing and untouchable government, workers’ rights slowly choked, taxation drying up, spending drying up to pay for the enormous cost of taking over the EU’s function. Business will face a hefty increase in export costs, how can they not unless the EU allows free access to the Single Market, and there will be a rise in the cost of importing the goods they need to produce their products. There will be added bureaucratic burdens to exporting not only to the EU but also to the countries no longer in Customs Union with us, such as Canada. Our markets will also be swamped with cheaper 3rd World merchandise, a result of overly hasty free trade deals. The City of London will cope but struggle, resulting in rapidly falling tax revenue for the government. We are already over a trillion pounds in debt. Over a trillion. Let that sink in. As a result of a weakening pound, inflation will rise. Your real income will fall. Your pension pots will shrink. Of course, there will be the hollow satisfaction that EU nationals will start to leave, further hitting taxation revenue. There is simply no way, none at all, that a few rapidly devised Free Trade agreements with smaller markets across oceans will ever replace what we have lost in the Customs Union. Theresa May’s government stopped listening months ago. So I rarely bother to speak. There is a national blindness, a miasma of ill-founded, hollow positivity that allows no debate. So be it. Today’s march is perhaps our last gesture. It will be over to the government now. And whilst Theresa May might be able to bulldoze and cow Westminster, and whilst she might feel she can attempt to browbeat the Scots, she will soon discover a firmer foe in the EU. There will be no deal on the terms set out by the government. I only hope sense will prevail and a compromise made on Freedom of Movement and the ECJ. I sincerely hope so. But when Theresa May invokes Article 50 on Wednesday, she will be bringing to an end not England and Wales’ membership of one union but two.


2 comments on “The End of the Union….

  1. I think you describe the pending disaster very well. I hope Scotland sees sense and leaves the union because it is a matter of survival. One thing I think the UK owes closer to 2 trillion.

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