Grown Ups Have Crushes Too

Do we ever get too old for a crush, too old to feel the delicious electricity of desire, the febrile longings of youth? As middle age advances inexorably, with its slippers and mortgages and elderly parents, do we still yearn to curl up under posters and write toe-curlingly saccharine fan mail? Can we still pant and salivate in the most unbecoming manner, undeterred by our receding hair and wobbly flesh? Well, in a nut shell, yes. It is human. It is fun. It can also be rewarding, thrilling.

I recently came across Idan Matalon, star of the Israeli version of ‘Happy,’ a smiling young man, so cute my heart melted as vanilla ice cream on a hot day. His eyes mesmerized me, I was enchanted by the way he moved and danced. I smiled as I watched. He cheered me up, like a ray of sun on a rainy day, a burst of rainbow and colour.

I realised I desperately wanted to paint Idan. I knew that his face would resonate on canvas, but as I only paint from photographs I would need to seek permission. I decided to send him a message on Facebook, the grown up gay male equivalent of throwing my knickers at the stage. I was prepared to sigh, chide myself and go to bed when I noticed that a reply was being typed. “Sure 😊 and I would love to see the results 💟” I smiled and giggled. I wanted to dance. Idan Matalon had replied to me!

Well, I did paint Idan. And I like the result. And so did he. The painting can be viewed at the link below.


4 comments on “Grown Ups Have Crushes Too

    • Ah thanks so much Idan! Yes, that order has come through and will be sent on Monday. You’ve made my week too. I was actually just rewatching one of your videos (Gangnam) hilarious! I used to go shopping at the Dizengoff when I lived in Israel. x

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