Sun, Shadow, Heat, Apple Pie and the Joy of Imagination.

On the edge of the sprawl that is Chicago is a magical land of green, a land of huge houses of wood and bricks, houses redolent of honeysuckle and apple pie. The heat of an American summer, the rustling of crickets and the subtle hum of irrigation. The homes stand in their own grounds, gorgeous patches of domestic glory. As I walk the wide pavements, deserted at this point of the day, I look in envy, imagining the interiors filled with Arts and Crafts furniture, thick rugs, deep enough to sink one’s feet in, and by night sumptuous rooms lit by the golden and green softness of Tiffany lamps. Scented roast chicken pervades the afternoon air, with a homemade apple pie to follow. Darkness will come in a few hours, and as the shadows lengthen over the gardens,  one can sense that once this was the land of spirits, a land untamed and wild.

This work is tiny! It is a great way to start a collection though at just £25.




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