It occurred to me that there is a gap in our Brexit-related vocabulary so I decided to plug it and coin some new terms. We are all of course familiar with “Bregretsit,” the term for those who voted Leave and now regret it. But how about some others?

Bremocracy. A new form of Democracy whereby anyone who did not vote for the ‘winning’ side is no longer allowed to express an opinion or seek changes. “It’s called Bremocracy. We won, you lost, now do what we want.” A Bremocrat is an adherent of this variant of the democratic process. They tend to send you messages and tweets in block capitals and memes of crying babies.

Brenial. The state of wishfully believing that everything is great and nothing is wrong and that the Daily Express is spot on. “Look, 65 countries are lining up to do deals with us. Isn’t that great?”

Bruxpah. The brazen nerves of leaving a club, and then asking for better T&Cs than the existing members based on some inflated idea of our own importance. “Of course they will give us access to the single market, let us stop free movement and not pay the fees. We are the world’s fifth, erm sixth, tenth biggest economy.”

Brexpert. Someone with no grasp of basic economics, politics or world affairs who has read something in the Daily Mail and repeats it like a mantra.

Broximoron. A seriously deluded example of the above.

Brecession. The mother of all fuck off big recessions caused by whacking tariffs on one of our biggest trading partners whilst simultaneously leaving all the trade deals with third parties and trying to cobble together something identical from a position of weakness.

Brock Capitals. The favourite font of angry Brexiteers. “IT’S CALLED DEMOCRACY YOU TWAT”

Brinsanity. Another term for Brexit.



3 comments on “Brexicon

  1. I do not understand it much. I am dealing with our own catastrophic politics here in America and I am just waking up to what’s going on. But I can sense the clever way of saying “back off”. As I learn more I do believe I will appreciate this piece even more.

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