The fertile, verdant soil of hate

Hate does not appear without a fertile soil to nurture it, to gently nourish its shoots of darkness. Hate does not exist in a vacuum, without the tender care of manipulative fingers. Hate is strong, it is aggressive in its spread, ravenous in its appetite. Hate grows quickly, from little buds to huge, raging waves. It grows like fire, spreads like cancer. Hate has a beginning and it has an end. It starts with a joke, with a comment, a meme, a captioned photograph, an obscenely incendiary headline. It grows and matures with the help of fear. Fear and hate, two faces of the same plant. And it ends in death. Hate kills. It is hate’s destiny. It ends in death. Hate is an energy, the devil’s tool, a fool’s fix. It is a resource to tap into, to nurture ,for the needs of politicians and clerics and media moguls and tinpot fascists, and those who want to achieve control. A nasty little genie. A vicious, toxic form of energy that once germinated can never be extinguished until it results in death. For hate ends in death. It always ends in death. It is its reward. And that is what we have been doing, is it not? Dancing with hate, inciting it, watering its seeds, with our rhetoric, with our headlines and Facebook posts, with lies and half-told stories. I am disgusted by it, by them, by us. Our universities drip with hate, against a people and a state faraway, with intolerance the norm, irrational disgust fuelled by boycott, divest, sanctions and the repulsive alliance of far-left and clerical fascism. And it is fuelled too by the purple revolution, the so-called peasants’ revolt, ghastly bigotry against hard-working people whose only crime is to be foreign. It is directed at entire nations and institutions out of all proportion. When did we become that country? I never thought we were that place, a place where hate is energy. But it seems we are. So next time you share your nasty rhetoric against whatever it is you want us all to hate, remember, and remember this well, you will be responsible in part for the deaths that result in it. We are all responsible as long as we tolerate our friends sharing this filth, nurturing it, growing it. I have had it with hate and those who spread it and share it. It must end here. Take a look in a mirror. It is ugly.


One comment on “The fertile, verdant soil of hate

  1. Very true. Hate brings with it racism, homophobia and everything else besides.
    Sadly hate is also taught if not learnt through osmosis. Bad parents are largely to blame as is the case with many of societies ills (although that in itself is several essays worth of material).
    With the global nature and connectivity present, there is little excuse for people to continue being such narrow minded cretins, but then not everyone wants to learn.

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