Salem Diner

Massachusetts, the first spot I set foot in America as an adult. I was travelling alone, for business, but I had a single golden day  to explore and I took a train to Salem. My senses tingled, stimulated by this new, vast land where all dreams seemed possible. I felt happy, free, warmed by summer sun and cooled by the breeze. Salem was lovely, and the romance was contagious, charming, quaint, with a historical sensation of magic and mystery.  I found an ancient cemetery, tea shops with doilies and cake stands, owned by robustly friendly proprietors. The summer was hot and the light blanched all, creating Hopperesque shadows and drying my lips. Above all America is a land of simple, childlike pleasure, where food looks and tastes amazing, sweet, simple. Stodgy pancakes with thick syrup and blueberries, huge sandwiches filled with cheese and egg. Coffee is endless, served with luxurious cream. The diner seems so American and I decided to paint as a nod to my role-models, the American realists. It is available at


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