“We can do anything we like, once we get to Brighton!”

It’s been too long. I once adored this city with the passion of a love-struck teenager. It was one of the first places I came to alone, arriving on a New’s Day in the 90s. I stayed at a B&B a house screaming out in furious orange and cream decor, the carpets and walls imbued with stale bacon fat and Fabreeze. The wind howled on the front and I walked with invigorated wonder, shrouded in eerie darkness. I was young and free at last and the city reminded me of an England from childhood fantasy. I returned a few times, and then it became the place where I came with my partner, for upmarket weekends. We held our civil partnership here. I was fascinated by the city,  its history, and its dark side of noir crime novels and ghost stories, which I read in bed on rainy Sunday evenings, tingling with longing to return afresh. I became entranced by the Pavilion, and its tales of Georgian debauchery, and by the glitzy, cheap wonder of the pier and front. I fell in love with the Bohemian markets. When I left, I cried. I wanted only to return. Then the visits became rarer, a love affair that got a little too hard perhaps, usurped by other cities and tastes. But it is time now to return to youth’s wonder and reconnect with this wonderful town, because quoting a favourite Carry On film “We can do anything we like, once we get to Brighton!” The artwork is the only one I have done of the city to date. I am going to create prints of it next week, £7 each, and signed. Email me to reserve one at golan22may@googlemail.com but do visit my site to see other works and prints at www.andrewreidwildman.co.uk and at https://www.artfinder.com/andrew-reid-wildman


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