Islington, Screen on the Green, London

I discovered Islington when I was a young man, a student, walking around in London, lonely, staying out late to avoid a dingy bedsit in Ealing, a dismall place of metered warmth and flocked wallpaper. I walked and walked, the cold night London air invigorating me, making feel alive, reminding me why I’d come to this great city. I still return here, to the cool vibes and embracing familiarity of its streets and buildings. I have favourite places, the art shop, Carluccio’s with its mellow scent of coffee and cheese and huge, pink meringues, the little park by the stream. I feel a connection with the ghosts of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell. Sometimes I pause under their window. Above all I like to stroll along the main road, passing bright lights, almost hypnotised, cheered by their seductive glow. So I decided I would paint the enchanted front of Screen on the Green, a view at dusk. Both the original and a £7 signed print are available from my website at


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