The Criterion, Hull

Pubs intrigue me, though I am, by nature, wary of them. They seem intimate places, with a lacing of danger perhaps. I feel I don’t quite belong in them, my inbuilt sense of otherness whispering, nagging, warning. But at other times, and especially in Hull, they can be exciting and joyful, places of shadows and magic, dusty bottles and goblin faces. They are at times living museums, murky corners of Victoriana . The edgy scent of stale beer, the hum of voices. Cosiness. As I walk and explore the city I often stop and admire them, their architecture. I am often drawn to paint them. One of my latest works depicts the Criterion pub in Hull, sadly in a state of demise, once the local of trawlermen and salty language. Both the original and £7 signed prints can be ordered from my website at


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