The Sweet Nostalgia of French Cinema

I am exploring old memories of an ex-pat childhood, and recently painted two new works, one of Annie Girardot, French icon, and her counterpart Jean Claude Belmondo, whom I have here painted as a young man. These works can be found on my site at

J’explore de vieux souvenirs d’une enfance Luxembourgeoise, et j’ ai peint récemment deux nouvelles œuvres, l’une d’Annie Girardot, icône française, et Jean Claude Belmondo, que je viens de peindre comme un jeune homme. Ces travaux peuvent être trouvés sur mon site


One comment on “The Sweet Nostalgia of French Cinema

  1. They had a special on her a couple days ago on French T.V.
    I always liked her acting, she had a quiet beauty. To me she truly embodied the “normal” French woman of the late 60′ and 70’in her movies.

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