2015 and the Art of Andrew Reid Wildman

What an amazing year 2015 was in my artistic career. This year, after a period of serious illness, I decided to go part-time at work, and to focus on my artwork. And I have had some amazing achievements. One of my favourites this year, was appearing on the back of a mobile restaurant unit, with my painting of Go Dutch Pancake House in Hull. 12308507_10208668887425392_1899137144310036548_n

Certainly, 2015 was the year of Hull for me. I appeared three times in the Hull Daily Mail, http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Painting-Hull-building-time-art-Andrew-Reid/story-27479600-detail/story.html including the column of Calvin Innes and a full page spread later in the year, which is now framed and in my living room. I also got mentioned by Housemartin Stan Cullimore which was very flattering.  http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Stan-Cullimore-chances/story-27584389-detail/story.html

I donated a painting of Hull’s Lord Line Building to Action in Hull, which was the catalyst for an exhibition at the Annison Gallery. That was lovely.


I also passed the 13 k mark on Twitter, and I now use social media extensively.

The summer got off to a flying start with an appearance on Estuary TV, who interviewed me in my home away from home, the Go Dutch Pancake House. http://estuary.tv/2015/06/estuary-tv-news-5th-june-2015/  (15 mins into the clip)

In terms of exhibiting, I started off with a first time appearance in the popular “Hull in Paint” exhibition.10665265_10153361050227165_3446261190406508890_n

Later in the year, I had an exhibition at Loughton Arts Centre in Essex.


My work is now part of a travelling digital exhibition. The exhibition ‘Landscape And Memory’ in which I took part this year ‘has got its legs’ and now is a part of a show ‘Displacement’ at The Nami Gallery, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010140286354&pnref=story  In addition my work is still on display in Hull at the Go Dutch Pancake House, at Kardomah94 and at the Brief.

Still in Hull, I had fun meeting new people, including the Mayor who accepted one of my printed cards.safe_image

I also created some of my largest ever, and probably most realist, works, following a field trip to Birmingham. DSC_0411

I also launched my range of printed greeting cards and prints which have proved popular. 1a (4)

Other achievements included a brief but very welcome mention on BBC Radio Humberside, my work being used in the Huffington Post, on company greeting cards and on other forms of merchandising. I closed the year by topping the voting for Artgallery.co.uk’s voting for Artist of the Year (Best selling category) and am waiting to see the outcome of this. All in all, a great year.


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