Rekindling the Dreams of Childhood, Hull, Pancakes,

Do you remember how proud you were when you were a child and one of your pictures was pinned to the classroom wall? Well I am nearly 50 and this week I had the delicious pleasure of seeing my artwork appear on the back of Go Dutch Pancake House’s mobile unit. I shouted out in delight. But there is a deeper level of satisfaction at play. As a child art was my passion. I loved it. I loved drawing on crisp new stationery, mixing colours and recreating my inner world. I watched films about starving artists in Parisian garretts. But I cared not much for the slightly clawing world of French Impressionism which I sensed I was being force-fed, a world of rather creepy men spying on women, or staggering around drunk on Sundays. It was all a bit chocolate-boxy, and besides it was used to illustrate my French grammar book. For me, what set me alive, and what I struggled to achieve, was the mesmerizing photographic realism of the Dutch Masters and Modern American Realists. “How can I paint like that?” I asked my Danish art teacher in despair. “With practice,” he answered with kind curtness. His was the only class I felt safe in, the others filled with shaming mockery. Art was never presented to me as a career option. Quite the opposite. It was the path to destitution it seemed. About 6 years ago I sold my first artwork. Sales now number in the hundreds, and I have taken my first serious steps at making a career of it. So bollocks to school, I say. And on the subject of school, one of the major themes that drive my work, and you cannot really miss this, is my connection to Hull. At six I was taken away from this corner of Yorkshire, on a ferry that smelled of diesel and paint, to a life of otherness and exile in Luxembourg, a lovely land that was not my home. At the English-speaking school I attended my Hullness was squeezed out of me, with snobbery and negation, and I cannot quite get over this wound. So when I found the chance to reclaim my birth county, and to do it through art, it was the best experience for me. I am so proud that I was born in this part of England. And I am proud of my paintings. It is delicious to see my work driven around the city I love. Just delicious. If you are in Hull, please visit my collection at the Go Dutch Pancake House in Paragon Street, upstairs. Please also take a moment to log onto my online gallery at



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