Bile Beans Corner, York, by Andrew Reid Wildman

York, a city that appeared in my life when I was an infant, a city smelling of yeast and delicious chocolate, with enormous walls and a mighty minster. Mum seemed to thrive here, and often took me, from our home in Beverley, travelling across the flat East Yorkshire countryside on a rattling bus, through the land of highwaymen and marsh. In York we sat in teashops, and as she gazed and daydreamed, I played with a new toy and ate cream cakes. In later years, we revived the tradition, which endures to this day, though now I have taken to long walks, often exploring the Victorian terraces that spring up beyond the walls. I am often drawn to the gable end of this building so I decided to paint it, mystified by the concept of bile beans, puzzled how it has survived, but glad that it has! The original work can be purchased at and prints and posters (from a very reasonable £12) from


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