David’s Tower, by Andrew Reid Wildman

It took me years to get here, to this dusty corner, on the edge of Jerusalem’s Old City. As a teenager I had dreamed of this place, poured over photographs of it, longing to touch its stones. I dreamed of a land of Milk and Honey, of pomegranates and olives, where the air was crisp with pine or dusty with spice. I dreamed of nights filled with Hebrew song and the piercing call of the Muezzin. I was much taken with religion then, as teenagers can be. Many years later, I found myself living, by quirk and chance, less than 50 miles away, in Tel Aviv. Less often than I now wish, we travelled up through the curves of the Judean Hills to the city and my dream was realised. “If I forsake thee Jerusalem….” begins the famous psalm. But how could I do that? And now my time in Israel is at an end and my home is once more in England but I paint to capture the moments when I stood in the shade of the ancient walls. This work can be purchased at https://www.artfinder.com/product/jerusalem-the-tower-of-david/ and as prints from http://www.redbubble.com/people/golan22may/works/16528583-jerusalem-tower-of-david


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