The Bells Ring and the Ground Shakes….Andrew Reid Wildman

The bells ring and the ground shakes and everything inside me tingles with secret pride and awe and magic. The bells ring so loudly, filling the air with joy and mystery. And as they thunder I look around with sadness and happiness and grief and longing at the little town that is my birthplace and where I never got to grow up. A visit is all I am allowed, fleeting, finite, a fate it has always been mine to endure. After the age of six, we only passed sadly through on the way to a foreign land far away, back to a world of joyless bullying for me. Beverley was to be home no more. But I cannot forget that this is where I was born and where I return like a salmon upstream. I painted this street scene to alleviate the longing, a dramatic work which is rich in texture, where even the surface of the canvas is not quite flat. It is for sale at and as posters from £10 at


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