I am not being paranoid, I really do think they hate us

Generally I shy away from internet politics, stirring up its endless slime of trolls and bigots. I am under few illusions that my opinions will influence anyone. I imagine I shall be around 20 friends lighter on Facebook, and 15-30 or so followers down on twitter by sunset. But today, and yesterday, I realised that the pernicious veil of self-gagging had descended on me, castrating my voice for fear of censorious, self-righteous witch-hunters. And it is at times like this that it is important to speak, even if it makes us nervous of ire and backlash, for if we do not then the loud voice of bullying prevails. And my concern today is with Jeremy Corbyn, the new pin-up of the hard-left. I had, I confess, never heard of him. I began to research his background. More importantly, I began to look at who his friends were, at those in whose company he chooses to reside. Corbyn gives his support to people who are clerical fascists, namely to Hamas and Hizbollah, organisations that execute, intimidate, oppress and torture. Both groups deliberately and purposefully target civilian targets. Both are virulently anti-semitic. Both are committed to proposed genocide and ethnic cleansing, wanting only the power to implement their threats. Both are Holocaust deniers. Both are homophobic to the point of murder. Both are supported by the hard-left in some weird alliance of interests. I judge a man by his friends, a party by its supporters. In the same way that UKIP attracts its disproportionate share of racists, homophobes and nutters, so does the hard-left share a platform with those who give Nazi salutes outside Jewish shops in Manchester, who march side by side with march-mates sporting placards mocking the Holocaust, and who visit the lares of men who orchestrate terrorism. At a Union gathering those who spoke out against the BDS movement were attacked by some members of the far-left, their voices drowned out and leaflets destroyed. Corbyn has as a contact a man who uses wide-spread and obscene anti-semitic caricatures (check out the ugly, stereotypical work of  Carlos Latuff.) There is a fine line between anti-Zionism and anti-semitism and Corbyn and his friends need to distance themselves from the filth of anti Jewish, homophobic, anti-feminist, clerico-fascists. If he does not, I will have no choice but to walk away from the Labour Party.


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