Hull, the Albert Hall, by Andrew Reid Wildman. Why not commission a work for yourself?

No. Not the Royal Albert Hall. The Albert Hall. In Hull. Near the station. It is a much loved iconic building, but as so often in this city of rich architectural history it is being left to rot. I painted this work as a commission and enjoyed every minute of creating it. I added touches of photography for that seasoning of extreme realism. And I set the work under a sky of hot Yorkshire sun. If you would like a similar work, it is is more affordable that you might think. What a great gift, to yourself or a loved one. Have a 9″ x 12″ of your parent’s home, or perhaps of the restaurant where you first met a significant other? A souvenir of a loved home you are leaving for ever, or a new home you want to celebrate? And once your work is complete it can be made into merchandise such as mouse mats, mugs, cushion covers and greetings cards. Drop me a line and ask me for a quote.


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