The art of Andrew Reid Wildman at the Brief, Hull

I discovered the Brief on an afternoon of heavy, mithering rain. Indeed I do confess, I was quite cross. Tempers were tested, words said, and it was agreed between me and my similarly flustered spouse that a coffee break was in order. We were near the Land of Green Ginger and discovered, tucked away on the cobbled Manor Street a cosy-looking wine bar. And cosy it was indeed. As the rain pelted the windows we sat in the small venue and enjoyed our steaming drinks. Later I painted the Brief, and now my artwork hangs here. You can see two of my personal favourites, Posterngate, and also Prince Street. The original painting I did of the wine bar is also here. The Brief serves delicious tapas-style food, mediterranean food, and of course cakes.

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If you like my work, why not make an offer, or ask for a commissioned work of your home?


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