Where to see my art, Andrew Reid Wildman

My art is on show at various places in and around Hull. I would like to take you on a short tour in words and pictures. I shall start at the English Muse in Newland Avenue. where several of my works are currently on show and for sale. I start here as the English Muse was the first place to share my work and it is one of my favourite cafes anywhere. I have painted the cafe twice. 14446271861_fe16ac9386_o

I also have a painting on show at the Grafton Hotel, the pub famous for its House Martins connection, and which has made my work into a t-shirt with proceeds to charity.


In Princes Avenue my work is now on sale at the Union Mash Up artshop, where you can buy smaller works on card and some framed works. And next door, at the charming Wagon’s Coffee Bar, you will see a few of my works.


In central Hull, my work is in the process of going up at the fabulous Go Dutch Pancake House and I am planning a few more large scale works for there.


And my work is also on show at the cosy and delightful Brief in the old town.


Our final stop is at Thieving Harry’s cafe in the Fruit Market district of the city, and a wonderful place to eat and drink coffee, watch the marina and see the lovingly restored 1950s architecture, a great passion of mine.


I hope you enjoyed my tour of places where you can see my art, all wonderful places to eat and drink, and I am hoping to add to this. If you are a business and would like to host my work or want to commission a painting of your business please contact me on my Facebook page, the Art of Andrew Reid Wildman or on twitter at @golan22may



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