Delicious Puds of Hull, by Andrew Reid Wildman

Feeling a tad low in spirit, I thought I would revisit the joy of some desserts of the last months, from my favourite Hull cafes and restaurants. Our first stop is for a scone and jam at the English Muse in Newland Avenue. I love it here, amongst books and art, drinking tea from lovely cups. The scone was delicious as usual, and the jam fresh and cheeky. DSCF7615After a fairly light meal, I spoilt it all with a slice of sticky, moist and very chocolatey cake at Prezzo. It was served with buttery, creamy ice cream and a drizzle of gooey sauce.  DSCF7700

After the opening of my art exhibition at the Art Link gallery in Princes Avenue, we decided to celebrate with a blow out meal at Marrakesh, a lively and welcoming Moroccan restaurant. At the end we shared a plate of deliciously sweet and nutty dessert, pastry that melted in the mouth. It was served with sugary mint tea.DSCF0327Next door, but not the next day (I am not that greedy!) we dropped by Wagon’s, a cafe I had never visited but which attracted me its quirky, antique furniture. On offer was delicious banana bread (one of my favourites!) and this was lovely but what sent the dessert into orgasmic realms was its Nutella mousse. Quite lethal I am sure, but what a way to go! DSCF1490Not quite a dessert, I suppose, but a cup of tea at the Vintage Cafe in Chants Avenue, was served with a tiny cup of sweeties, a gesture that made me burst into a smile despite the dismal weather. DSCF1967As a very special treat, and booked months in advance, we ate at the Two Rivers Restaurant at the Deep, a chance to visit a great museum after hours and to eat under the gaze of sharks. And they might well be jealous, for dessert was a strawberry and shortbread cheesecake.DSCF1828Last but certainly not least, deliciously moist and sweet and warm banana bread at Thieving Harry’s in Humber Street. It was so good I almost passed out.DSCF1752


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