The Fruit Market, Hull’s Humber Street

Let me share my latest Hull-passion with you. I had never really had much to do with Humber Street. It was not on my radar. I saw signs about the Fruit Market, and thought, why not, I need a bit of fruit. I came across a road that was basically closed. Just me, a rather poorly looking pigeon, and a ‘gentleman of the road,’ recently refuelled and trying to call me names but deciding to stagger off instead, seemingly performing a variety of bodily functions simultaneously. It was early. A weekday, and clearly too early for much activity. So I snapped some photographs, one of which I later painted. And I left the Fruit Market for another time.  DSCF1767 DSCF1766   I returned on a more recent visit, to discover a street alive and well, a street of quirky second-hand shops that smelt of damp paper and canvas, of heating gas and wood. I picked up some vintage magazines and then spotted a splendid example of 1950s architecture beckoning me. Readers of my blog might be aware of my fetish for all things post-War. Thieving Harry’s read the name. And what a name! Intrigued I ventured inside, husband in tow, and discovered a laid-back and restful lounge, eclectic, with a retro theme. DSCF2206   (The painting is available at DSCF1759   I decided to try the banana bread which looked moist and tempting and groaned with delight. It was delicious and so we stretched out and thumbed magazines. DSCF1752   I ventured upstairs, to take photographs and I met the proprietor. We soon got chatting and he pointed out some of the features of the building. One thing that stayed with me was the way in which the family had restored the windows, stripping away the paint so that the metal window frames shone the way they were meant to.DSCF1765   The views were amazing up here, the mighty Humber on one side, the Marina on the other, and a view onto Humber Street from the front. DSCF1762   And throughout a mixture of fitting furniture; it was perfect.DSCF1764 DSCF1769 Of course I could not keep away. And I returned for a lazy breakfast of perfectly poached eggs, all the time resisting the cakes which were attempting to seduce me with their buttery wiles.   OfDSCF1829 DSCF1830 Back outside and I wondered once more through the shops, noting the galleries that had yet to open up for the day, and admiring the view up to the flood barriers. This will one day be a great street, and I look forward to seeing it go from strength to strength. DSCF9221 This work is for sale at £40 from


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