Painting Hull, Andrew Reid Wildman

I am painting Hull. And I want to take you for a walk through this great city. Let me take you on a tour of my Hull, through my artwork. Come on, get your coat, and let’s go for a walk.

The first work depicts Fudge, a fun restaurant and bakery in Princes Avenue, Hull’s pulsating night-time heart.
Our next stop is just across the road at Marrakesh, a wonderfully atmospheric Moroccan restaurant.

Next door to Marrakesh, we can find Pave Bar, a loud and gregarious bar with food. I had an exhibition there in April.

The new life beckons

We turn the corner into Spring Bank. Here is the old favourite Polar Bear Pub and the neighbouring Botanic Hotel.


Also on Spring Bank I painted a brightly coloured fun shop.


And then I painted a bright African cafe. I got loads of racist comments made about it online.


Then I painted an Asian barber shop, but after the racism from the last one I decided not to post it.

DSCF8631 - Copy

We backtrack a bit now, back to Newland Avenue, where we can find one of my favourite cafes, the English Muse. I love it here, with its charm and its books.
Crossing the road, we can slip down to Grafton Street. I decided to paint the Grafton Hotel pub, as I was attracted by its lovely post-War architecture. This work was made into a T-shirt to raise money for a local charity.

Newland Avenue is accessed under a railway bridge. I have painted it and used it in posters and postcards.

newland ave

A few streets down and we can see the bridge again, from a slightly different angle.


I popped down to Manvers Street, and other side streets and fell in love with the terraced houses.


Or this one, I liked the colours and the shadows.


Beverley Road next. A bit run down sadly, but artistically inspiring nonetheless.


And I also did this, my first really large-scale work. This one is destined for POP in June. Oh look! There’s me!


City centre now, I think. But shall we take an old-fashioned Hull bus?

I remember blue and white buses

Here we are! Anlaby Road. Time to get off. A bit tatty.


Still on Anlaby Road, a larger and perhaps brighter work. I used collage here.

Happy images of the 50s, 60s, and 70s pepper my work

Happy images of the 50s, 60s, and 70s pepper my work

Passing Ferensway, can I point out my favourite little shop, Kathmandu, chocka with Buddhas and Hindu deities and incense, and if you fancy getting something pierced you can. Ouch.


Across now to Posterngate. And look back at Princes Quay in the distance there, and that is where you will find POP, a great gallery.

Hull, through my eyes now

Into the old town now, and Princes Street, one of the most photographed streets in the city no doubt.


And that is just a hop and skip away from Whitefriargate. And look at this beautiful Art Deco building being allowed to deteriorate.


Near the New Theatre, I found these lovely blue-painted buildings.

DSCF8103 DSCF8094

I want to take you to the old docks now. But let us stop in at Thieving Harry’s for a slice of delicious banana bread in a painstakingly restored 1950s gem.


Better? Good, as it is a longish walk now, along the Humber to the abandoned St Andrew’s Docks. Here we can find the Lord Line Building. Do a bit of research into how the trawlermen were treated, btw. An eye-opener.


And another abandoned office. Sad, really.


We can cut back onto Hessle Road now, and a couple of shops.

Memories of houses that smelled of damp and calor gas



And unfortunately our time together in Hull is over for tonight and I will leave you at Paragon Station, with a painting I called An End to Exile. If you like my work, you can check it out at or on my Facebook page called The Art of Andrew Reid Wildman.

The end of exile.

The end of exile.




9 comments on “Painting Hull, Andrew Reid Wildman

  1. Very charming place and unique painting style. Reminds that I must get out of Miami some day and move to “America”. I would like to showcase some of your work on a Wednesday guest post on my blog. It is for artists, cartoonists, arts/crafts folklore stuff and some poets. Lemme know if interested. I am sure followers would enjoy your work. Thanks visit my blog.

  2. I follow on face book , but do everything, my stuff/other people’s stuff on my word press cartoon blog “I Know I Made You Smile”. I have featured over 70 artists/poets last 2 years. I get nothing out of it but to share a person with my followers and this connects people of like mind. I am a retired teacher so promoting the work of others is something I have always done.

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