Return to Helsingor….

In the summer of 1976 I was 9 years old. My family had relocated to Luxembourg just after the UK joined the EEC and for our first big holiday we drove to Denmark in a clapped out two-door Ford Taunus. It was a journey that impressed my 9 year-old self greatly and I always remember it in vivid detail. In April 2014 I returned, a mere 38 years later, now a man. I decided to revisit some of the places and see if more memories might return. Many of the original photographs have been kept from me but I have a few precious copies. One enduring memory is the swarm of ladybirds in the summer of that year and from our swapped home at Rungsted we drove to the castle of Helsigor. In April I returned but I could not remember where we had been. I found a beach and wondered if it might have been the same one where I sat and played all those years ago, ladybirds landing all around us, with me nibbling strawberry ice lollies with vanilla centres.

There was a week on an island farm house, a place of great mystery to me, and here I found a sheep that seemed fond of me. There were jelly fish and outhouses to explore.
Scan331 (1)

Back in Copenhagen I remembered the magic of Tivoli and of seeing the Mermaid.
Then we saw a museum of army artefacts and I was fascinated by a grey tank, and for many, many years I kept the original postcard in my childhood bedroom.
At Tivoli I found a similar world of magic.
A last memory is of seeing the changing of the guard and being reminded of England.
If there is sadness in my eyes it is for the quest to rescue my lost and battered inner child.


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